Our Staff

Owner - Ms. Kelly

My name is Kelly Brisker and I have been the owner of Jolly Tots, Too! since 2006. I was also the Director of the center from 2006-2017. Stepping down gave me the ability and flexibility to oversee everything and support where needed at the center. I am there to talk through questions or give guidance with all the positions of Jolly Tots, and I have more time to work on how we maintain our wonderful center with future goals. 

I have always felt that I was meant to be in a place where I can provide a positive influence on our next generation, and I know being with Jolly Tots fulfills that passion. I take great pride in ensuring that we have the best teachers, that we provide a loving and educational atmosphere, and that we have a personal connection with each family. 

I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. Upon graduation I worked for a non-profit organization for 6 years helping children and adolescents with mental and behavioral health needs. I chose to move into childcare because that experience taught me my real passion was in educating young children and families. I took extra college classes in Early Childhood Development and attended many seminars to have knowledge on new approaches like family interactions, behavioral planning, and cultural integration challenges for children. My love of this age group comes from knowing they are like sponges and eager to learn anything we are willing to teach. They are joyful and appreciative with the genuine smiles and the funniest stories, who wouldn’t love this job.

I had 4 children in 6 years with my husband, Pete, who is a private pilot. They are such a blessing and fill my heart each day. All 4 of my children went through Jolly Tots. They learned so much and were prepared when they started elementary school. They were not just ready academically, but their social and behavioral skills were displayed with confidence and respect.

I was raised with very strong family values and our team has worked diligently to ensure that Jolly Tots, Too! offers a close-knit family experience. When children feel like they are in a loving, nurturing environment, they are apt to learn more and our teachers strive to challenge them with new lessons each day. This also creates a place where parents and teachers develop strong relationships and work as a team to give the best consistent approach in teaching their children.

Director - Ms. Jesica

I started at Jolly Tots in 1996 as an infant and toddler teacher. I fell in love with the philosophy, curriculum and genuine care that teachers had for the families. I spent many years working with little ones and valued the impact I could have on them as well as the trust their parents put in me. Jolly Tots was and always has been different than other centers because every standard set is there for the safety and benefit of the child first. Many years ago, I moved to the office assistant position at Jolly Tots in 2011 and then in 2017, I became the Director. This job is so rewarding. I love leading such a special place and it warms my heart every time I hear parents say how impressed they are with all we offer. 

I went to the Ohio State University and have a BS in Early Childhood Education. This background has helped me to understand the developmental needs and abilities of children. I know how to give them the tools and building blocks to grow and reach their potential in a loving and encouraging environment.

I always knew my passion was to work with kids. One of my favorite times of year at JTT is June. Each year I get to see the children that I cared for graduate from our Kindergarten program, many of them were here since they were babies. It is an awesome experience to know that I contributed to that child’s life in a small way!

When I am not at home, I love spending time with my daughter, who also attended Jolly Tots when she was younger. She and I explore the city and see what new adventures we can find along the way. She is the joy in my life.

My role as Director is to reinforce the ideals that Jolly Tots, Too! was founded upon, making it the extraordinary center of choice. Our caregivers play a valuable role in introducing a child to their first learning experience, and guide in their socialization with other children. The Jolly Tots curriculum is designed to create a strong foundation that will shape each student’s future. Our etiquette program is unique, our cultural program to include weekly instruction in Spanish and Sign Language is fantastic and the weekly themes give teachers the opportunity to create lessons in all developmental areas in a multisensory approach to learning a concept in many ways. We distinguish ourselves by providing personal care for each child in an atmosphere that gives a secure home away from home.

Office Assistant - Ms. Lauren

When I graduated with my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Development, I was so excited to begin working with children. After spending a little time in centers, I found Jolly Tots in 2014 and have been working here since. I started in the toddler room and moved to the office in 2017. I have a love for organizing and understanding rules when it comes to childcare. I help to make sure that state standards are followed at all times, staff are up to date in their trainings and that all of their mandated paperwork is correct and current. I do the billing at Jolly Tots and ensure that tuition payments are charged and recorded properly. 

Jolly Tots has been an amazing place to work and bring my own children. I have 3 children, the younger 2 currently attend JTT and the older is in elementary school. My husband, Rick and I love to play with our kids and dog any chance we have. I know that my experience at Jolly Tots, Too! has taught me useful knowledge for raising my own kids, including understanding their physical and emotional needs. Since family is so important to me, it is the biggest thing I love about Jolly Tots, it feels like a family.

As a mother, one of the most reassuring things about JTT is that we have a Registered Nurse here at the center. I ask her questions about my children’s medical needs and she is always so thorough with her response and follow up care. Our children experienced some more serious medical needs, so I was grateful to know a nurse was at Jolly Tots to give breathing treatments or give an overall assessment if they needed to be seen by a doctor.

My favorite thing about working at Jolly Tots, Too! is that the kids always make me smile and laugh. They are just so fun to be around that it makes me enjoy every day I am here.

On-Site Registered Nurse - Sue Rikk

My name is Sue Rikk and I am the school nurse here at Jolly Tots, Too! I have happily come to work here every morning since 2006. I have cared for so many children over the years as I fell in love with this job and the people I work with throughout the center. I love that I can help parents understand medical concerns and can guide them in the right direction, I can also give any medication needed. We discuss diaper rashes, coughs, teething, allergies, sleeping and many other normal medical needs. I am here to support the parents, teachers and children. 

I received my R. N. degree from the UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing in Pittsburg, PA. The first 10 years of my career were spent in the Pediatric I.C.U. I worked for Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, VA for two years and at the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburg in Pittsburg, PA for eight years. When my husband’s job relocated us to Blacklick, I took some time to be with my 3 wonderful children. Once they started their education, I took a position as the nurse in their school for one year and then I came to Jolly Tots, Too! 

When I was presented with the opportunity to work here, I knew the job was ideal for me because it was a great work/life balance and it embraced my love for working with young children. With my past experience as a nurse, as well as my years as a mom and my love of all children, I feel Jolly Tots and I make the perfect fit.

Now that my children are grown and all have graduated college, I enjoy talking to them about their careers and look forward to them starting their own families. It warms my heart that we are all very close and I hope for that kind of relationship for our JTT families.