The Desert – Pre-Kindergarteners

Kindergarten Care - Galaxy

Our Goals for Pre-K in the Desert

This Pre-K room is designed to get your child ready for Kindergarten. This class is taught by a certified Kindergarten teacher. The Desert can also be a 2nd Kindergarten classroom when our census needs it. We encourage independence and responsibility in multiple ways from zipping their own coats, to getting their own lunches out and ready. The daily routine is a nice combination of preschool play meets real school!

Our Approach to Teaching Pre-K in the Desert

Kindergarten Desert

We do a writing/art activity every day using your child’s own art box they are responsible to keep track of. We practice writing letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, words that correlate with the letter or theme of the week. Our art projects will also relate to the theme. A lot of our art projects are designed to let the kids have an imagination and create whatever they would like while still following the curriculum. We also try to incorporate more “real world” experiences for the kids. We learn the states and all their capitals, we have a Homecoming week ending with a big dance, we focus on recycling and ways to help the environment and more!

Sign Language and Foreign Language

The Desert Pre-K also has language education featuring a Sign Language and Spanish teacher coming once a week. We also integrate the language practice throughout the day.