Sue Rikk: The nurse at Jolly Tots Too

About Our Nurse Sue Rikk

Sue received her R. N. degree from the UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing in Pittsburg, PA. The first 10 years of her career was spent in the Pediatric I.C.U. She worked for Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, VA for two years and at the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburg, PA for eight years. To read more about Sue, click here!

How Our Nurse Aids in HealthCare

A Nurse assists the Administrator and Office Staff with medication administration, assessment, evaluation and attention to injuries, behavior modification and education sessions with children, and general management of the day-to-day operations. The nurse is on site during the major hours of operation.

Our Daycare Health Program Stands Out in the Crowd

We have a health and safety program that stands out among the crowd, when a Registered Nurse is there to answer questions and ease the medical concerns. It is also important that our teachers practice healthy and safe protocols to keep the spread of germs and illness down inside the classroom. Our entire staff is educated in CPR, First Aid, Communicable Disease, Child Abuse and Child Neglect.

The nurse will administer medications, monitor temperatures and other health concerns as a courtesy to the family. They do not take responsibility for the administration of all daily medication needs. This means all early-morning medications should be administered by the parent before the child arrives at the center. The nurse will then be happy to continue the medication administration during the hours the child is placed under the center’s care.

They will perform a health assessment should a child demonstrate any symptoms of illness while here at the center and will then notify the parent. The parent will then need to follow up with his/her preferred physician.

The nurse does not perform ear exams, etc. unless a child demonstrates signs of discomfort and/or illness. Our goal is to promote and assist in maintaining your child’s health status. We reinforce the necessity for each parent to acknowledge the need for continued physician exams when there is a health concern and/or for well-child checkups.

We are always willing to discuss your child’s progress and we will be happy to assist with health monitoring, as this is part of our service. We do not, however, take the role of the physician. We understand continued health exams can be costly, but definitely are worthwhile to assure your child’s health status.