The Wilderness – Preschoolers 3.5 Years to 4.5 Years

Preschool Care - Wilderness

Goals for Our Preschoolers in the Wilderness

The main goal of the classroom is to prepare children for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

What is our Environment?

Our classroom environment includes many learning centers that are tailored to the curriculum topics including but not limited to; math, science, music, language arts, multicultural, writing, and many other educational opportunities. The classroom follows a weekly lesson plan with a designated theme and has a weekly letter of the week which includes writing the letter, practicing its sound, identifying words that begin with the letter, and bringing an item from home on share day (Fridays) that represent that letter.

Our Approach to Caring for and Educating Older Preschoolers

Preschool Wilderness

The teachers in 3s and 4s believe that learning should be fun. Children are engaged in many hands on active learning experiences including sensory tables, science experiments and art projects. Kindergarten preparation is important in this room and children begin to follow a more Kindergarten-like schedule. Children have a nap time that is approximately 1.5 hours long. 3s and 4s encourages social maturity and positive social skills by encouraging many group activities such as centers and play time. In 3s and 4s we strive to prepare your child for Kindergarten and help prepare your child to succeed academically as well as socially. We provide a nurturing and safe place for your child to learn, play and grow.