The Transition Room – Infants 12 Months – 18 Months

Infant Care - Transition

Our Goal in the Transition Room for Infants

While in this room your child will continue to improve and refine their gross motor skills such as walking, running, climbing stairs and more. This is a challenging time for children as they are beginning to learn to speak. They can get frustrated when they can’t communicate, therefore we encourage them to use their words and gain new words like please, thank you, and nice manners.

The Transition Room Atmosphere

Infant Care Transition

We have circle time everyday with our room and they begin to learn to play together and share toys with their friends. They learn to share and have nice touches. We play lots of games, sing and dance, encourage sharing, waiting your turn and playing together. We also begin to help them learn about center time. We hope you will come visit us soon and see just how much fun we have everyday!! Smile!!