The Sea Wonders – Toddlers 2 Years to 3 Years

 Toddler Care - Sea

Our Goal for Toddlers in the Sea Wonders Room

At Your child will also learn to develop social concepts like sharing, taking turns, using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when interacting with others. We look forward to providing a fun and exciting learning experience for your child! At this stage of development your child will begin to explore potty training and hygiene needs on a daily basis such as sitting up on the potty, washing hands and brushing teeth at the sink. It is important at this stage to give a lot of encouragement and reassurance when accidents happen and also be very patient with your child.

Sea Wonders Atmosphere

Toddler Care Sea Wonders

In the 2s an 3s classroom we provide a safe and nurturing environment while allowing your child the chance to learn and play while exploring the world around them. Our classroom is divided between the younger Side A and the older Side B. This is based on toilet skill levels, age and cognitive and social development. Your child will have 2 teachers on each side of the room.

Our Approach to Teaching Older Toddlers

We do many fun and new things in 2s and 3s such as “Tasting Parties.” We introduce the concepts of colors, shapes and letters through different types of foods. We also have Share Day in which your child will be able to bring in a special toy or treasure. Your child will begin to have Learning Centers, longer circle Time, and once they go to the older side they will have Calendar Time and start Spanish!