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Daycare Services at Jolly Tots, Too!

For over 20 years Jolly Tots has provided outstanding child care services to the of Gahanna, New Albany, and the surrounding Columbus region. At our daycare center, we value the strong leadership, dedication and encouragement from our teachers! It is also the trust and support from parents that bring JTT full circle in being able to provide such a wonderful learning environment for all of our children. We are located centrally between Gahanna and New Albany and offer infant care, toddler care, preschool education and kindergarten education.

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  • Emily Garvey
    We love Jolly Tots Too! From the center itself to the amazing staff. If you are looking for excellent child care, loving teachers and staff then look no further!
    Emily Garvey
  • Roy Holcombe
    Best child care center anywhere! Our son has been here since he was 3 months old and now he's halfway through his Kindergarten year.
    Roy Holcombe
  • Amanda Schimmoeller
    Our son excels here, and we love that there is an onsite nurse!
    Amanda Schimmoeller
  • Leslie Sucaet Kuerschner
    Both my kids went to daycare at jolly tots. They did not just take care of our kids, they helped develop them into the amazing kids they are today. They were well prepared for entering school. They have many teachers that they still talk about to this day.
    Leslie Sucaet Kuerschner
  • Thy Bahn
    Highly recommend this place to any parents. Our kids love it here & so do we. We love parents night out...Thank you Jolly Tots & all the hard working staff. You guys are the absolute best..!
    Thy Bahn

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Our Daycare and Preschool within Columbus Ohio

Jolly Tots Too! Is a Daycare and Preschool center located within Columbus Ohio. Parents working in the area can conveniently reach our daycare, because we are just West of Rt. 161 Dublin Granville Rd. just off Hamilton Rd. Our services include daycare, child care, infant care, toddler care, preschool and kindergarten.

Our address is 5511 N. Hamilton Road in Gahanna, Ohio. The childcare center occupies approximately 12,200 square feet. The facility has 11 classrooms and one indoor muscle room, each having its own emergency exit. There are two large outdoor playgrounds with rubber mulch and privacy fences for safety. Our Preschool for Columbus Ohio children!

The Jolly Tots Too! Daycare center is open from 6:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, we are closed on weekends, holidays, and during severe weather events. If you are passing Gahanna from within Columbus, then please stop by for a visit! More Info about our Facility >>

a group of Columbus Ohio preschool kids playing at a preschool

A group of children from Gahanna and Columbus Ohio

Childcare Development for Kids in Columbus Ohio

The original Jolly Tots daycare program was established for the purpose of providing safe, reliable child care for working families in Columbus and Gahanna. Our daycare has since successfully established creditability within the Columbus and Gahanna communities. Thus, delivering high-quality child-care services. The Jolly Tots Too! daycare and preschool services provide love, nurturing, and guidance while introducing educational learning experiences that stimulate the child’s mind, body and spirit to help them develop in a most natural, healthy manner. We incorporate everything from Music Appreciation to Language and Multiculturalism. This is the perfect daycare for parents living in Columbus due to our close proximity.

Music Appreciation for Columbus OH Children

We love to incorporate music throughout our program at Jolly Tots, Too! We feel that music can help us teach new concepts, encourage verbal language skill development as well as literacy. We do this by singing songs and dancing which promotes large motor development. Once a month we have a special music preschool teacher that meets with each classroom to introduce new instruments and songs.

Language & Multicultural Program for Columbus OH Children

These multicultural components are designed to expose the children to a variety of cultural experiences, traditions, and foreign languages. Children receive instruction in Spanish and Sign Language each week. Our preschool and daycare lessons are directly related to the topics studied through the weekly curriculum and increase the child's awareness of the people whose culture they are studying. Every year we also have a multicultural fair where children from Columbus OH can visit experience different countries throughout our center.

preschool kids are encouraged multiculturalism at daycare

Children at our daycare are from Gahanna and Columbus Ohio.

Jolly Tots Too! Daycare and Preschool Associates

Our preschool associates are selected based on their education, dependability, trustworthiness, child care experience, and ability to nurture young children. Personal and professional references and personal background checks are carefully screened. Our Daycare maintains consistent child and child care provider interaction to promote continuity and enhance each child's sense of development and well-being. We take pride in the longevity of our preschool teachers, as many of them have been with us for over 10 years, proving our dedication to commitment and consistency throughout our daycare center. We are a preschool serving Columbus! Stop by for a visit!

an infant daycare provider takes care of a bunch of Columbus Ohio infants

Our infant care center serves Columbus Ohio infants and toddlers.

Infant Daycare Columbus OH

Our Infant Care programs are for children ages 6 weeks to 18 months. Infancy is a time for bonding, therefore, it is the most difficult time for both parent and child to be separated. An infant’s rapid growth requires energy and patience from the child-care provider. Although all stages of development are important, special emphasis is required during infancy as it is a time for the development of security and trust—a time when the attachment/bonding process takes place. Infants are cuddled, rocked, and loved. The infant stimulation program contributes to the physical, intellectual, and social maturation of each child. We are a daycare serving Columbus Ohio and the surrounding area, so you can conveniently drop off your infants at our child care center.

Toddler Daycare Columbus OH

Young toddlers are particularly curious about everything, which is why our toddler care program is designed to help them grow. Toddlers are exploring their power over the child care provider through obstinacy, temper tantrums, and negativism. During this stage, it is especially important to provide consistency in allowing choices, setting limits, and utilizing appropriate guidance methods. Columbus parents will be happy to know that we are providing nurturing consistency and support to toddlers. Thus enabling your child to understand expectations and meets their need for feelings of safety and security of our toddler care program.

Preschool Daycare Columbus OH

The preschooler is embarking on the age of discovery, inventiveness, curiosity, and development of behavior patterns. At this time, children are rapidly developing skills such as exploration of language and reason, and comprehension of symbols. Gentle guidance, structure, and encouragement assist them in accomplishing these tasks. Our preschool is also a convenient drive from Columbus and is perfect for both parents and kids.

Kindergarten Daycare Columbus OH

During Pre-Kindergarten children develop maturity and independence. Our child care providers offer a stimulating yet challenging environment. We designed the program to increase each child’s sense of self-esteem, self-concept, self-worth and sense of belonging. Hence, our goal is to help them form a strong cognitive basis for the school years to follow. Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum has been designed to prepare children for the Kindergarten experience. The learning-center curriculum exposes children to basic concepts of education. As a result, math, science, music, language arts, multicultural, and writing skills are learned. Columbus parents can expect our classroom atmosphere to promote a child's interest and exploration needs. The Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are taught by elementary and early childhood educators.

The full day Kindergarten Program sets the stage for your child's higher-learning areas. During this stage of development, children are very active, curious, and eager to learn. They are much more cooperative and able to develop close friendships with their peers. Their desire to be independent and assume responsibility makes them truly delightful little individuals. Curriculum exposure includes a variety of opportunities designed to meet the individual learning needs of each child. The teacher incorporates a combination of teaching methods, such as teacher-to- child or a group of children, child-to-child, and group cooperative experiences (learning centers). We are located in Gahanna, but conveniently serve Columbus Ohio parents and children. Jolly Tots Too! always provides a convenient child care service for busy parents passing through!

Onsite Daycare Nurse at Jolly Tots Too!

We are very proud of our on-site nurse Sue Rikk who provides compassionate care to keep our young ones healthy at all times! We have a health and safety program that stands out among the crowd. Because we have a Registered Nurse present to answer questions, medical concerns are put to ease. Our teachers regularly practice healthy and safe protocols, which prevents the spread of germs and illness within the classrooms. Columbus parents can rest assured that our staff is educated in CPR, First Aid, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse/Neglect. Your children will be in professional and caring hands.

<on site nurse making sure kid is in good health at Jolly Tots Too! Our daycare includes an onsite nurse[/caption]

Child Care, Daycare and Preschool License Information

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services issues our Daycare license, and we strictly follow all rules. Columbus Parents are welcome to review our Daycare license and inspection reports. Also, the reports are always posted on the parent information board at the front office. In addition, the health inspection report, fire inspection report, and record of fire and severe weather drills are also posted.

Jolly Tots Too! Philosophy

Our preschool program combines early life-style and health and wellness education programs. A comprehensive, educational, learning-center curriculum is provided and directed toward the individual needs of each child in order to promote the optimal level of development. Each preschooler is provided with the best possible foundation, therefore helping them accomplish the growth and developmental milestones. Jolly Tots Too! is the perfect preschool because we proudly serve Columbus Ohio families! Read more about the Jolly Tots Too! Philosophy.

Directions From Columbus OH to our Daycare

Jolly Tots Too! is a preschool and daycare center located at 5511 North Hamilton Road Gahanna, OH 43230. Our child care center is within Columbus Ohio and is great for parents working in Columbus or Gahanna. If you would like to visit our daycare center, please call to schedule an appointment.

Our daycare is perfect for parents passing through Gahanna within Columbus OH!